Paddington Green Children Centre        


12-18 Salisbury Street




To contact us:

Tel: 020 7641 5435 / 5436


Fax: 020 7641 5427



Portman Early Childhood Centre

Lead Setting for Church Street Children Centre Hub setting for the North East Locality of Children Centre in Westminster

Paddington Green Children’s Centre is nestled away in the grounds of Paddington Green Primary School.  The centre offers a range of services for children 0-5 and their families.

All  Centre activities are free and open to families with children who are 0-5 years of age and living in Westminster.

                         Check out our timetable to see what is happening in the Centre today.

 The Children Centre is open all year round (excluding bank holidays). Children over 5 years are welcome to attend with their younger siblings during the school holidays.

Opening hours: 9.00 .a.m. - 5.00 .p.m.

Paddington Green Primary School
Park Place Villas,                                                                                                                                                                              W2 1SP

Phone   020 7641 5675








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Contact details for other  Children Centres in N.E locality.


Church Street Children’s Centre: 020 7641 5436

Maida Vale Children’s Centre: 0207 641 5775

Micky Star Children’s Centre: 0207 641 5409


Children’s Centre Outreach team : 020 7641 5444



North East Locality Children Centre                 

Abdul Azad

Children’s Centre Manager.


Abdul works across the North East locality Monday-Friday.

Bengali and English speaking.



Contact Number

020 7641 6488

Jane Hockley

Early Years Practitioner.



Jane works at the centre on Monday-Friday.




Contact Number

020 7641 5675

Tamecia  Warren and Edlyn Permison

Children’s Centre Administrators







Contact Number

020 7641 5675

Naimah Abdullah

Early Years Practitioner.


Naimah works at the centre on Monday-Friday.


Bengali and English speaking.


Contact Number

020 7641 567

Raisa Rahman

Children’s Centre Outreach worker.


Raisa works at the Centre on Thursday morning.


Bengali  and English speaking


Contact Number:


Asmahan Alnidawi

Early years Practitioner.


Asmahan works at the centre on Monday all day and Tuesday morning.


Arabic and English speaking


Contact Number

020 7641 5675

Lorna Hunte

Children’s Centre Social Worker.


Lorna works across North East Locality.

Lorna facilitates Family Support Sessions.



 Contact Number

020 7641 6789

Yvonne Bailey-Smith

Senior Family Psychotherapist


Yvonne works across North East Locality.





Contact Number



For more information call: 020 7641 5675   and                      ( Children Centre Administrators )         and                               (  Early Years Practitioner )