Portman Nursery Parent Teacher Association (PNPTA) : Registered Charity Number – 1174205

The PNPTA aims to:

  • Promote communication between parents and teachers at the Nursery
  • Engage in activities which support the education of pupils at the Nursery
  • Raise funds to support the school and provide extras for the pupils
  • Run social events for parents and carers.
  • Provide support for school trips and other outings
  • Discuss matters of interest relating to the education and welfare of pupils.

All parents and staff at Portman Nursery are automatically members of the PNPTA and are welcome to attend and participate in the meetings, which are held at least once a term.

There is a PNPTA booklet available from the Portman Centre for more information.

The office holders of the PNPTA are:

  • Joint Chairpersons –Noura Seggari and Naziha Rafai
  • Treasurers –Jeanette Mitchell, Cathy Palser
  • Secretary – 

The PNPTA can be contacted by email  at office@portmancentre.co.uk

Or in the nursery through Jeanette Mitchell or Cathy Palser who are Nursery staff.