Physical skills

Does my child have to play outside?

Parents feel concerned that their child may get cold or have an accident, that they are ‘just playing’ and not really learning anything. Physical and outdoor play benefit children of any age in their learning and development.

Climbing over and under objects helps children develop their balance and coordination. This increases their physical strength and their overall health.

Walking and balancing

  • Learning about how my whole body works.
  • Developing control of my movements.
  • Developing spatial awareness.
  • Learning to keep myself safe.
  • Taking risks and learning that it is okay.

Crawling and exploring

  • I’m no longer sitting down, I can MOVE!
  • Finding out what I can do.
  • Developing spatial awareness.
  • If I fall I’ll have another go.
  • Learning to crawl upwards.
  • Making choices about which way to go.
  • Experiencing being under, behind, between, on top, near and far away.

Building confidence in climbing

  • Learning to take turns and to have patience.
  • Understanding what their bodies can do.
  • Developing co-ordination of their limbs.
  • Learning how to use different equipment in the nursery.
  • Learning to keep healthy and safe.
  • Developing a sense of balance and spatial awareness
If we allow our children to develop their own awareness of  safety  by letting them climb as high as they feel confident this will help children build their self-confidence, balance and sense of achievement.