My baby and me

A drop-in for babies

Of course older siblings are most welcome. Breastfeeding support is available, along with baby massage and a baby clinic with a health visitor to offer advice.

Sensory room

Experience the Multi-Sensory room which creates a stimulating and yet a  calming atmosphere. The Sensory room stimulates children's visual, tactile and audio senses. We have two sessions a week, one for babies and  one for toddlers.

Baby massage

Baby massage is the ideal opportunity for parents and babies to bond and form strong attachments. Through touch babies are made to feel more secure and relaxed. Baby massage is particularly effective for babies suffering from colic, wind, constipation and teething pain.

Treasure baskets

Treasure baskets are especially designed for discovery play for babies aged 5-12 months who are not yet mobile. The baskets overflow with a range of interesting natural and household objects, providing a range of sensory experience to explore including weight, sound, texture, taste, smell and temperature. Mobiles and mirrors are also a way of bringing the world to the youngest children.