Our approach

To support

the main educational core work and additional recreational activities at Portman, fundraising is carried out by governors and staff through networking with local organisations who also provide a range of volunteering help such as;

  1. Decorating
  2. Gardening
  3. writing fundraising bids

This approach has been very successful and enabled Portman to extend the range of experiences for the children.



A little bit of your time please...

Doing good...

...makes you feel good.

We are looking for volunteers to help run our community school. The school is open between 9AM and 5PM during the City of Westminster term timetable. We need your help outside these times to keep our classrooms and gardens spick and span so that our children and their parents feel warm, welcome and looked after. 

You will help...

Some more details needed here...

We are a small friendly school and appreciate the contribution that volunteers make to our organisation. Come and help with the education of children in the minor miracle that is the Portman Centre.

Family lives

You can make a difference.

family lives

Our volunteering effort is coordinated by Family lives, a family and support charity for all aspects of family life.

They listen, support and never judge, believing that happy children come from happy families.

Please visit their website here; Family lives.