We’re here to support young children and their families living in the Church Street area of Westminster. We do this by providing education, care and family support services all within the same building. We work together with other organisations to make sure that young children have the best possible start in life.

Our vision

We want to see a world where the lives and opportunities of young people and their families are transformed through the very best early education and care. We can help to make this happen by bringing together learning, family support and childcare, and recognising the importance of all these in personal development.

We provide our services in response to the needs of our local community, and our team brings together a whole range of different skills, training and experience in meeting those needs.

The services we offer

  • a nursery school
  • family support
  • parenting groups and workshops
  • advice sessions for children up to 5 years old
  • a childminder’s group
  • adult education classes
  • an employment drop-in
  • a toy library
  • a multi-sensory room (I wonder what this is?)
  • a creche
  • connections to other local services
  • children’s centre
  • family support panel



We have a session every Wednesday morning which offers a chance to meet other childminders and get support. There are activities for children at the same time. On the last Wednesday of the month the  Drop-In in open all day for childminders.

If you’re thinking of becoming a childminder, or using a childminder to care for your child, come along and talk to childminders about the work they do.  The sessions are supported by our  Drop-In team,advice in how to access and there’s the chance to use the Toy Library as well as getting  training  to become a  childminding.

Childminders are welcome to use the Drop-In whenever it is open.

Ofsted feedback

Ofsted- "Outstanding School"  May 2011, Feb 2014, and  June 2017

Staff are highly skilled. There remains a strong focus  on developing language . All children  have an equal chance  of making  rapid and sustained progress. Ofsted 12th June 2017

All practitioners are highly skilled and sensitive in helping children form secure emotional attachments. These strong relationships support children’s personal, social and emotional development and help them develop the confidence and skills they will need when they go on to school.   Ofsted 2014

Parents and carers are highly positive of the school. They say they are very well informed about the progress their children are making and that staff  make them  feel an integral part to supporting their children’s learning. Ofsted 2014

Children make outstanding progress during their time at Portman, especially in their speech and language development. This is because they are viewed as unique individuals and the learning planned is of a high quality. Ofsted 2014

Teaching and the curriculum are outstanding, and a particular strength is the promotion of the children's speaking and listening skills. Ofsted 2011

Parents described the centre as a second home. ‘We talk, they listen, they note and they act,’ is how parents described their involvement within the Centre. Ofsted 2011


Our drop in groups provide a safe friendly and stimulating place for children under 5 and their parents or carers.

They are a chance for your child to play, learn and sing in planned sessions. As a parent you’ll benefit from the support of our team and other parents, and the friendly social atmosphere. You’ll be able to support your child, watch them play, and share problems with other parents and our team here.

In our regular workshops you have a chance to talk about your child's behaviour, sleep patterns, play and learning.  It is a chance to get to understand how your child learns and notice patterns of behaviour.

We organise regular activities like cooking, play for toddlers and babies with opportunities to observe your child’s play through video and outings all year round.


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